Thank you for your Medallion Signature Guarantee Stamp Request.

We will review the information that you received as quickly as possible.  Please know that sometimes we get backed up.  However we do our best to process all inquiries as fast as possible in a timely manner.

If it is urgent, please feel free to contact our office directly via. telephone # (404)-816-8240.

Upon review of your information, we will email or call you process the request.

What we will need in order to process your request as timely as possible

While you are waiting for us to get back to you, in order to speed up the process, please try to review the information below and have as many of the applicable documents available as possible.

Identity Verification

In order to verify a signer’s identify, we need the following:

  • Photo ID:  A copy of a current government issued photo ID. This is generally a valid Driver’s License, Passport, Military ID, or Permanent Resident Card.
  • IRS Tax ID Verification Form:  US Treasury Department FATCA regulations require that all transfer agents obtain appropriate TAX ID verification documentation for shareholders of client companies.  US residents and entities are required to complete and sign IRS Form W-9.  Non-US residents and entities are required to complete and sign IRS Form W-8.  Blank copies of W-9 and W-8 forms have been attached to this email for your use. 

If the shareholder is an entity

If the shareholder or investor is an entity, then we will need the following applicable documents:

  • Limited Liability Certification:  Limited Liability Companies are required to complete and return the attached Limited Liability Certification.
  • Secretary’s Certificate:  Corporate entities are required to complete and return the attached Secretary’s Certificate.
  • Trust Agreement:  Trusts are required to forward a copy of the trust agreement.

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The Sterling Issuer Services Team