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Well Informed Shareholders = Long Term Shareholders

Creating Long Term Shareholders

Sterling Issuer Services is proud to announce that it has partnered with a world class provider of investor relations websites.  This partnership allows Sterling Issuer Services to offer these investor relations website services to our clients.  It is part of our core philosophy that well informed shareholders become long term shareholders.  A good investor relations website allows your company to communicate with its shareholders, and potential investors in a cost effective manner. In today’s world this is a must have in order to maintain good shareholder relations.

Some of the key features include:

We believe it is important that an investor relations website is able to provide the following:

  • Automated Email Alerts: Providing your shareholders and potential investors with the basic courtesy of keeping them tuned into Company events through real time email alerts.  Additionally, this database provides management with valuable insight into new investors who are following the Company.
  • Fast, Easy, and Customizable: Our IR website solution is comprehensive, yet flexible, and seamlessly integrates into your corporate site, regardless of which Content Management System (“CMS”) it is built on.
  • World Class Customer Support: 100% US based support. We are here to support your needs and provide expert guidance when you need it the most.   We do not believe you should have to pay more for support to make simple content changes to your IR site, nor wait days to get them done. Phone and email support 8:00 am – 8:00 pm EST
  • Value Proposition: Our price structure crushes the cost barriers.   On average, clients can save anywhere from 30% to 70% from other identical vendor solutions.
  • Security: We leverage Amazon S3 and CloudFront distribution to ensure requests are routed to the closest distribution point around the globe, guaranteeing the fastest possible load time.   SOC 2 compliant, 100% HTTPS secure, *ADA compliant.   We also use SendGrid, the recognized global leader in email distribution.
  • SEO Friendly Press Releases: Since press releases are frequently added to the website, we maximize your SEO efforts with SEO Friendly posting options.
  • Automated plus Managed Solution: Leverage the combination of our fully automated stock data feed, press release feed, SEC filing feed, email subscriber intake, and material information distribution, plus our 5-star customer service to update non-automated content such as calendar of events, presentations, quarterly earnings information, corporate governance, etc.

A World Class Investor Relations Website is Important

Our belief is that well-informed shareholders are more likely to be long-term shareholders of a company. As most shareholders fall into one of three (3) categories, sellers, holders, and buyers our goal is simple, help a company convert as many sellers into holders or buyers, convert as many holders as possible into buyers, and help convince buyers to buy more.

About Sterling Issuer Services

Sterling Issuer Services is a full service firm designed to meet the needs of corporations and their shareholders with respect to their public disclosure requirements, shareholder communication, and interaction with the investment community. We work with large and small companies.  We provide services to publicly traded companies as well as privately held corporations. Our mission is to provide our clients with 1st class service, and be a partner that they are proud to have on their team. Additional information on the services provided by Sterling Issuer Services can be found on our services page (click here).

Sterling Issuer Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sterling Holdings & Investments, LLC.  As part of the Sterling Holdings family of companies, we are affiliated with Coral Capital Advisors, LLC. and Mountain Share Transfer, LLC.  Please feel free to inquire about any of the service offerings of our affiliated companies.