Sterling Issuer Services is a full service firm focused on Medallion Signature Guarantee Stamp services, SEC disclosure, and shareholder communications. Our suite of services are designed to fit the needs of both publicly traded and privately held firms, as well as other participants in the securities markets.

Whether your firm is start up with a small number of investors and shareholders, or a large publicly traded corporation, we can handle your SEC disclosure requirements and shareholder communications needs.

We believe that companies that communicate consistently with their shareholders benefit from better valuations, and a more stable stock price than those who do not.  We provide investor relations website, and shareholder communications for our clients.  This includes mailing of shareholder notices, information statements, proxy voting, and shareholder letters.

Sterling Issuer Services is also a full service EDGAR and XBRL filing agent. Our experienced team has extensive experience in all aspects of the EDGAR filing system and XBRL tagging.

Our Latest News and Commentary

  • Medallion Signature Guarantee Stamp Program - Sterling Issuer Services is very proud to announce that it has been approved to provide Medallion Signature Guarantee Stamps through the Securities Transfer Agents Medallion Program (STAMP).  As of result of this approval, Sterling Issuer Services is now able to provide Medallion Signature Guarantee Stamps to shareholder and security holders who need to transfer their stocks, bonds, and other securities.
  • Investor Relations Websites - Sterling Issuer Services – Investor Relations Websites Sterling Issuer Services is proud to announce that it has partnered with a world class provider of investor relations websites.  This partnership allows Sterling Issuer Services to offer these investor relations website services…
  • Fall 2018 Update - Sterling Issuer Services is pleased to provide this news update.  We have redesigned our web site and moved it to a new URL. Our prior web site of unfortuantely was not able to communicate effectively with the SEC’s web…

Please feel free to contact our office to see how we may be of service to your firm and its shareholders.