Special Meeting of the Shareholders of Vapor Hub International

A Special Meeting of the Shareholders of Vapor Hub International, Inc. for the specific purposes of approving the proposals listed in Notice to Shareholders will be held on TUESDAY June 2, 2020 at 10 am MDT by Zoom Video Conference.

The Zoom Videoconference Information is as follows:

Meeting ID: 283 079 5005

Password: 8sSi8T

Time: Tuesday June 2nd, 2020 10:00am (US Mountain Time)

To enter the meeting through the Chrome Browser, you may cut and past the web address below into your browsers URL bar.


Alternatively, please click here to enter the conference

For additional information on the Zoom Teleconference Service, or to sign up for a free Zoom Account and download the software, please see: www.zoom.us

Please find the following documents listed below that may be viewed online or downloaded as a pdf file.

How to Vote (you may vote until 5:00pm eastern on June 1st, 2020).

  • By Internet: Please visit: www.issuerservices.us/vote-vhub
  • By Facsimile: Please fax a signed Proxy Card to (404)-816-8830.
  • By email: Please email a signed Proxy Card to: vote@issuerservices.us
  • By Mail: Please mail a signed Proxy Card to: Sterling Issuer Services, LLC., 2030 Powers Ferry Road SE, Suite # 212, Atlanta, GA. 30339

For additional information on the services provided by Sterling Issuer Services, LLC., please visit our Services Page, or feel free to contact us.